Monkeyhole Photo Album

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   Zoo Trip - May 19, 2008
My first real trip out with my new Canon Powershot. We had also been meaning to visit the zoo for quite some time since we all had yearly memberships, which meant free admission.

   Cat Pictures
As a cat owner, my feline friend ends up being the subject of a lot of photos. Hopefully, posting a few to the internet doesn't make me one of those people.

   Hood Canal - July 2008
Family camping trip to Hood Canal over the 4th of July weekend.

   Mt Hood Backpacking - August 2009
Backpacking on the north side of Mt. Hood.

   Zoo Trip - October 5, 2009
I decided I wanted to go to the Oregon Zoo to see a new exhibit, but everyone else had plans. So I went by myself and took a bunch of pictures.