Tracker Era (pre-synth)


A dance mega-hit! Get out the glow sticks and shake it, baby. You can definately tell it was done with a tracker (not the best sample quality), but it's got a really cool sound byte from one of my favorite movies. Anyone who can tell me what the clip is from gets a gold star.

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Fire & Ice

This song was completed in March of 1999, and was one of the first songs in which I used any kind of drum loop. By the time I wrote this, I was getting pretty proficient in altering samples in FastTracker II to get the kind of sound I was looking for. I'm still impressed by the quality of this song, considering I was using free DOS-based tracker software.

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Geared Up

You can tell this one was done with a tracker. It's got a bit more of a video game sound to it than I like, but it's got a driving beat, and builds nicely.

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Mirror of Souls

I think I must've heard some song on a movie soundtrack or some TV show and tried to produce something along the same lines -- this is not typical of the type of music I write; laid back, long synth sweeps, and a down-tempo dance beat. The melody is pretty catchy.

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Move On

Pounding beat, rave-type-piano, square wave synths, and lots of building layers. This is very typical of most of the music I wrote with FastTracker, and even the newer stuff I've done with my synth.

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My Mind

I was listening to a lot of jungle for a while, and this song definately displays that. I ripped off a drum loop from somewhere and screwed around with it until it was barely recognizable, added some phat piano and synth sounds, and voila -- instant jungle. There's an *ahem* interesting change of pace about 2 and a half minutes into the song... download it and see what I mean.

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My Name is not Xzazarill

Ironic song title, eh? Ain't I funny? Ha ha ha ha ha... oh, god I'm retarded. I'm not going to lie, this song doesn't get good until about 2 minutes in, and even then it's not all that great. It's got some neat percussion, and a nice pitch bend bassline thingy, but besides that... um... not the best song I've ever written in my opinion.

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Space Army

This one is repetitive, but not a bad kind of repetitive. Or at least not bad in my opinion. I was going for a space invader kind of theme, so imagine playing the video game while listening to this song and it will make more sense. Maybe.

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Damn, this song is cool. I had completely forgotten about this song for a few years, then got FastTracker II running again, and now I listen to this song all the time. It's got a sweet-ass bassline, and a really killer sound clip. There's a section of it that almost sounds like something by Nine Inch Nails, and the percussion is very nice. If anyone cares, the sound clip is from The City of Lost Children, and it's French. I'm not going to tell you what he's saying, you have to figure it out for yourself.

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Techno Lo Gee

I love the end of this song. The beginning is okay too... but the end rocks some serious ass. Bells and stuff. I have music on techno compliations that kind of do the same thing, but this song does it better. Pretty!

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